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About this artwork:

CaligraphyBesmAllah( In the Name of God)

Artist: Hossein Kashian 

Size: 32 x 45 cm

Oil on Canvas, 

Signed and dated by Artist

Includes: Certificate of Authentication



About Artist:

Hossein Kashian, born in 1942 in Tehran, embarked on his artistic journey after completing his high school education. Graduating from the Iranian Calligraphy Association in 1976 marked a significant milestone in his pursuit of artistic excellence. In 1979, his talent was recognized by the High Council of Culture and Art, who awarded him the esteemed Art Diploma - Grade 2.


By 2001, Kashian had accumulated four decades of artistic experience, demonstrating his proficiency in various mediums including Miniature, Painting, and Calligraphy. His artistic endeavors led him to participate in a remarkable 56 exhibitions, comprising 26 group exhibitions and 11 individual exhibitions within Iran, as well as 36 group-individual exhibitions across international venues such as Egypt, Pakistan, the Biennale Exhibition of Bangladesh, and the Biennale Exhibition of Algeria, among others. Notably, he clinched the Silver Medal in painting at the inaugural International Biennale Exhibition of Algeria.

In 1985, Kashian further showcased his talent by publishing a book of his "Ink Drawings" in Tehran. His contributions to the art world extend beyond his endeavors; he served as the director of the Tehran Contemporary Art Museum for approximately two years and played a pivotal role as one of the founders of Iranian Visual Arts. Additionally, his expertise was acknowledged through his twelve-year tenure as an Art Expert in the Visual Arts Center of the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education.


International Exhibitions:

Egypt (Cairo): Script Group Exhibition, 1972
Pakistan (Lahore): Script Group Exhibition, 1977
Bangladesh: Dhaka Biennale International Exhibition, 1985
Algeria: Algeria Biennale International Exhibition, 1987 (Winner of Silver Medal in Visual Arts and Miniature)
Algeria: Iranian Artists Group Exhibition, 1988
Paris (Hafiz Congress): Script Artists Group Exhibition, 1988
Germany (Hamburg): Individual Script and Painting Exhibition, 1989
USA (New York): Individual Script and Painting Exhibition, 1990
USA (New Jersey): Individual Script and Painting Exhibition, 1990
USA (Los Angeles): Individual Script and Painting Exhibition, 1992
USA (San Francisco): Hourian Gallery Group Exhibition, 1993
Bosnia (Tolza & Sarajevo): Individual Art Works Exhibition, 1996
Switzerland: Tourists Group Exhibition, 1997
China (International Exhibition): Iranian Artists Group Exhibition, 1997
Dubai: Iranian Artists Group Exhibition, 1998
Armenia (Irevan), National Museum of Armenia: Script and Painting, 2000
Romania (National History Museum of Romania): Script and Painting, 2001
Canada (Vancouver), Caroun Art Gallery: 14 group exhibitions (Calligraphy), 2010-2013
Canada (Vancouver), Caroun Art Gallery: individual exhibitions (Calligraphy), January 2011
Canada (Vancouver), North Shore Art Crawl, April 2012 (group)
Canada (Vancouver), group exhibition at Inlet Theatre, Port Moody, September 2012
Canada (Vancouver), group exhibition at the City of North Vancouver, March 2013
Canada (Vancouver), North Shore Art Crawl, April 2013 (group)



Hosein Kashian (Iranian, Brn.

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