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About this artwork:


27 x 35 cm (10.63 x 13.78 in)

Drawing on paper

Signed by the artist (left corner)

Creation Date: Unknown

Condition: Excellent (like new). No Frame.

Provenance: From a Private Collection

Certificate Of Authenticity: Issued by the Artist and MECA Gallery.

Please do not hesitate to ask for more photos or information.


About Artist:

Ardeshir Mohassess, renowned for his critical approach, emerged as a prominent Iranian designer, illustrator, and cartoonist. From an early age, Mohassess demonstrated a keen interest in visual arts, completing his primary education in literature before briefly pursuing law studies. However, his true passion lay in illustration, leading him to embark on a professional career in this field. Mohassess gained recognition through his contributions to publications like the "Book of the Week" and magazines such as Kayhan and Ettela'at, pioneering a new form of cartooning in Iran. His work garnered international acclaim, with publications in esteemed magazines like the New York Times and Young Africa, leading to numerous exhibitions abroad.

Ardeshir Mohassess's impact on the world of cartoons in Iran was profound, as he delved into weighty and significant themes rather than superficial subjects. Drawing inspiration from historical photographs of the Qajar Dynasty, Mohassess infused his illustrations with humor while addressing the underlying pain and suffering of everyday life. His distinctive style, characterized by vibrant, smooth, and occasionally geometric lines, captivated audiences worldwide. Recognized as a global artist, Mohassess's enduring legacy lies in his ability to intertwine graphic humor with Iranian history, presenting poignant reflections on the nation's challenges and reviving the essence of the Qajar dynasty in his designs.


International Exhibitions:

  • Dubai (UAE), Leila Heller Dubai: The Mana Jalalian Collection: A rare collection of Iranian Modern Art, 2022 (group exhibition)
  • New York (USA), Asia Society Museum: Ardeshir Mohasses: Art and Satire in Iran

National Exhibitions:

  • Tehran (Iran), Art center: 10s of artworks, 10s of millions, 2024 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Sales: a glance at sketching, 2024 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Liam Gallery: new year/New Vision, 2024 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Negah Gallery: the artwork of Legendary Artists 2024 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Tooba art gallery: Root, 2023(group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Artibition: we, 2022 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Guye gallery: Lotfi x Mashahir cross 2022 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Liam Gallery: treasure 1, 2022 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Sohrab Art Gallery: Art Closer than ever, 2022 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), H gallery: continuity, 2022 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), partition: a selection of artworks by Ardeshir Mohasses, 2022
  • Tehran (Iran), Artibition: Resize, 2022 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Pejman Foundation: Vanishing Point, 2022 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Nian: Recovery/the second series 2022
  • Tehran (Iran), Artibition: Archive 2, 2022 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Mojdeh: The last event 1400, 2022 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), O gallery: A selection of modern works from the local collection, 2022 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Iranian Artist Forum: opportunity, 2022 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Dastan’s basement: soft edge of the blade, 2022 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, mirror reflections, 2022 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Homa: Sober weekend, 2021 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Artibition: recent works of Ardeshir Mohasses, 2021
  • Tehran (Iran), Sahar K.Boluki Fine Art Gallery: Ardeshir Mohasses Masterful drawings, 2021
  • Tehran (Iran), W01 gallery: Single artworks Ardeshir Mohasses, 2017

Ardeshir Mohasses,Iranina(1938-2008), Caricature on paper, Size: 27x35

SKU: 2024/045
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