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About this artwork:


33 x 24 cm (13 x 9.45 in)

Lithograph, Limited Edition

Signed by the artist

Creation Date: Unknown

Condition: Excellent (like new). No Frame.

Provenance: From a Private Collection

Certificate Of Authenticity: Issued by the Artist and MECA Gallery.

Please do not hesitate to ask for more photos or information.


About Artist:

Marcos Grigorian, a leading figure in modernist painting and art criticism, significantly contributed to the introduction and proliferation of modern art in Iran. After his foundational training at the Kamal Al-Molk School and further studies in Italy under Roberto Milli, he exhibited extensively in Italy and France. Returning to Iran in 1954, he organized pivotal solo exhibitions, notably establishing the Aesthetic Gallery as a hub for emerging modern artists and fostering the Tehran Biennial, instrumental in modern art's integration in Iran. Grigorian's legacy extended to his role in preserving traditional arts and supporting emerging talents, notably through the "Kahve-Kaaneh" initiative.

Considered a pioneer of conceptual art, Grigorian's artistic journey saw him traverse expressionism and embrace influences from European pop art, evident in his collage works reflecting urban life. His later period, marked by innovative use of soil and thatch, showcased geometric forms and spiral lines, representing his most significant artistic endeavors. Dana Stein, curator of the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, elucidates Grigorian's thematic depth, illustrating how his art encapsulates metaphysical landscapes within the confines of a room, symbolizing societal constructs and natural elements from a multidimensional perspective.


International Exhibitions:

  • Toronto (Canada), Sahar K.Boluki Fine art gallery: Marcos Grigorian’s artworks, 2022
  • New York (USA), Leila Heller New York: Earthworks, 2011


National Exhibitions:

  • Tehran (Iran), Liam gallery: new year/new vision, 2024 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Villa sufia: intersect 01, 2023 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Tehran Museum of contemporary arts: footprints, 2023 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Dastan+2 gallery: Virus of collecting, 2020 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Dastan+2 gallery: Marcos Grigorians “Earthworks”, 2016

Marco Grigouriyan, Iranian(1925-2007), Lithograph, Size:33x 24 cm(13 x 9.45 in)

SKU: 2024/031
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