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About this artwork:


50*100 cm/ 19.5*39 Inches

Oil on canvas

Signed by the artist (right corner)

Creation Date: 2022

Condition: Excellent (like new). Framed

Certificate Of Authenticity: Issue d by the Artist and MECA Gallery.

Please do not hesitate to ask for more photos or information.


About artist

Mina Bahador, born in Iran and educated in the field of urban and rural design in Canada and Iran. Working in various urban and rural textures in the world, revealed cultural diversity to her and inspired her to capture these cultural nuances in her artwork.

Open space sketching through work and study experience were the first steps to enter the art world. The impact of these scenes later became the main motivation in her creative artworks.

Conceptually, Mina investigates the imprints of human presence within natural settings and the interplay among individuals in expansive environments, emphasizing their roles as central motifs in her paintings.


Instagram: @minabahador_art

Mina Bahador, Iranian(1990), Painting, Supermoon, Size: 50*100cm/19.5*39 In

SKU: 2024/050
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