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About this artwork:


21 x 28 cm (8.26 x 11.02 in)

Caricature drawing on Paper

Creation Date: Unknown

Condition: Excellent (like new). No Frame.

Provenance: From a Private Collection

Certificate Of Authenticity: Issued by the Artist and MECA Gallery.

Please do not hesitate to ask for more photos or information.


About Artist:
Ardeshir Mohassess, an Iranian designer, illustrator, and cartoonist, gained renown for his critical approach in creating artworks. Beginning his artistic journey in his adolescence, Mohassess initially pursued studies in law but soon transitioned to professional illustration work. His designs featured prominently in publications such as "Book of the Week" and various magazines, garnering attention for his innovative cartoon style, both domestically and internationally. His career extended to the United States, where he held numerous exhibitions abroad, showcasing his unique perspective on cartoons and addressing serious societal issues with his illustrations.

Mohassess's impact on Iranian cartoon art was profound, as he delved into weighty subjects often overlooked by his contemporaries, drawing inspiration from historical photographs of the Qajar Dynasty. His artworks, characterized by vibrant and sometimes geometric lines, conveyed the underlying pain and suffering in everyday life. Renowned cartoonist Davood Shahidi praised Mohassess as a global artist who revived Iranian history through his works, emphasizing his contributions to the field of graphic humor and his portrayal of Iran's challenges with wit and insight.


National Exhibitions:

  • Tehran (Iran), Art center: 10s of artworks, 10s of millions, 2024 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), sales: a glance at sketching, 2024 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), liam gallery: new year/new vision, 2024 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Negah gallery: the artwork of legendary artists, 2024 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Tooba art gallery: Root, 2023 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Artibition: resize, 2023 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Artibition: we, 2022 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Guyeh gallery: Lotfi x mashahir cross 2, 2022 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Sohrab art gallery: Art closer than ever, 2022 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Liam gallery: treasure 1, 2022 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), H gallery: continuity, 2022 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Artibition: a selection of artworks by Ardeshir Mohasses, 2022
  • Tehran (Iran), Nian: Recovery/the second series, 2022
  • Tehran (Iran), Artibition: recent works of Ardeshir Mohasses, 2021
  • Tehran (Iran), Sahar K.‌Boluki Fine Art Gallery: Ardeshir Mohasses Msterful drawings, 2021


Ardeshir Mohasses,Iranian(1938-2008), Caricature drawing on paper, Size:21x28 cm

SKU: 2024/023
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