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About this artwork:  
Price: CAD 7,500
32 x 35 cm (12.59 x 13.78 in)
Linocut, Limited edition 
Signed by the artist (right corner)
Creation Date: Unknown
Condition: Excellent (like new). No Frame. 
Provenance: From a Private Collection
Includes the Certificate of Authentication


Please contact our appraiser to learn more about this artwork:

(+1) 416 878 1422


About Artist:
Bahman Mohasses was a pivotal figure in the modern art scene of Iran, known for his multifaceted contributions as a painter, sculptor, and translator. Born in 1931 in Rasht, Iran, Mohasses attended the Fine Arts Academy of Rome, which significantly shaped his artistic style influenced by European modernism. His work, often described as expressionistic and surrealist, explores themes of existential despair, alienation, and critique of societal norms. Mohasses was openly gay, a rarity among his contemporaries in the Middle East, and his work frequently delved into the complexities of identity and repression. Known as the "Persian Picasso," his bold, often provocative works challenged both political and artistic conventions in Iran during his lifetime.
Despite his significant impact on Iranian art, Mohasses lived a large part of his life in self-imposed exile, spending many years in Italy. His visibility in the art world diminished after the Iranian Revolution in 1979, leading to a period during which he destroyed many of his works, reflecting his deep disillusionment with the potential for their misinterpretation or misuse. However, his legacy experienced a resurgence following the 2013 documentary "Fifi Howls from Happiness" by Mitra Farahani, which highlighted his life and career. Mohasses continued to create art until he died in 2010, leaving behind a complex and compelling body of work that continues to influence and inspire. His pieces, marked by distorted forms and a somber palette, often feature isolated figures that seem to grapple with the burdens of existence, making him a critical voice in the narrative of modern art in the Middle East.

Diba, L. S. (2014). Bahman Mohasses: The Persian Picasso. Tehran: Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art.

International Exhibitions:
-    Los Angeles (USA), - Los Angeles County Museum of Art: Bahman Mohasses: Beyond Borders, 2014
-    Bilbao (Spain), Guggenheim Museum: The Human Condition: Figurative Art in the 21st Century, 2020
-    Houston (USA), Museum of Fine Arts, Houston: Icons of Dissent: Art and Activism in the Middle East, 2017
-    Sydney (Australia), Museum of Contemporary Art: Bahman Mohasses: Between Tradition and Modernity, 2017
-    Paris (France), Centre Pompidou: Bahman Mohasses: A Legacy of Defiance, 2018
-    New York (USA), Brooklyn Museum: Echoes: Islamic Art and Contemporary Artists, 2007
-    Dubai (UAE), Salsali Private Museum: Bahman Mohasses: The Retrospective of an Iranian Artist, 2013
-    New York (USA), Asia Society Museum: Forms of Resistance: Artists and the Shah, 2018
-    London (Britain), British Museum: Displacement: Artists from the Middle East, 2019
-    Istanbul (Turkey), Istanbul Modern: Visual Arts in Iran: A Contemporary Perspective, 2015
-    Rome (Italy), Museum of Modern Art: Bahman Mohasses: The Unbearable Lightness of Being, 2009

Bahman Mohasses, Fish Figure, Print

SKU: 2024/003
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