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About this artwork:

Nagsh Bafha(Pattern Weavers)

50 x 50 cm ( 19.68 x 19.68 in)

Acrylic on Cardboard

Creation Date: Unknown

Condition: Excellent (like new). No Frame.

Provenance: From a Private Collection

Certificate Of Authenticity: Issued by the Artist and MECA Gallery.

Please do not hesitate to ask for more photos or information.


About Artist:
Behzad Shishegaran, born in 1953 into an immigrant family in Tehran, is a painter, designer, graphic artist, and advocate for social art. Initially exposed to technical and industrial intricacies through his industrialist father, Shishegaran's deeper engagement with the world of art was catalyzed by his older brother, Koorosh Shishegaran. He pursued his artistic education at the Tehran Academy of Fine Arts under the guidance of notable artists such as Mohammad Ebrahim Jafari, Ali Qahari, and Mahmoud Farshchian. Amidst the Iranian Revolution in 1979, he enrolled in the Faculty of Decorative Arts, now known as the University of Art, studying graphic design and creating politically charged posters that became integral to his artistic portfolio.

Following the Iran-Iraq war, Shishegaran resumed his artistic pursuits, showcasing his first solo exhibition in 1989 with portraits of Gholamreza Takhti. He introduced a unique approach to replicating his work, exploring diverse subjects such as human figures and nature. Embracing technological advancements like Photoshop, he seamlessly integrated traditional drawing techniques with digital manipulation, showcasing a blend of abstraction and realism in his visual works. Shishegaran's artistic journey spans over three decades, marked by numerous solo exhibitions, participation in group exhibitions, teaching endeavors, authorship, and active involvement in the Iranian Painters Association. His contributions to art were further acknowledged with accolades like winning the first Biennial of Iranian Painters in 1991 and the inclusion of his works in the Tehran auction in 2014.



  • Tehran (Iran), Guyeh gallery: +-50, 15 March – 8 April 2024 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Art center, 10s of Artworks, 10s of Millions, 2024 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), sales: A glance at sketching, 2024 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Solo exhibition: Variation, 2023
  • Tehran (Iran), Sohrab Art gallery: Art closer Than ever, 2022 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Guye Gallery: printmaking group exhibition, 2022 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Artibition: Archive 2, 2022 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Iranina artist forum: Opportunity, 2022 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Naghsh Negar: Behzad Shishegaran Nashbaf’s, 2021
  • Tehran (Iran), Javid: har dam az in baagh, 2021 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), e1 gallery: Full length, 2020 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Artibition: Archive, 2020 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Vista: Online Exhibition of Works by Behzad Shishegaran, 2020
  • Tehran (Iran), Sham: Kado art 2.2, 2020 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Afrand gallery: +98, 2020 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Artibition: Frame 50, 2020 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Baroque: Cama chain, 2019 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), white line: up to 10 million, 2019 (group exhibition)
  • Shiraaz (Iran), Haan: 2018 collection selling, 2018 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Lale gallery: the 5th annual postcard print exchange, 2018 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Vista: photographs- sculptures of Behzad Shishegaran, 2015

Behzad Shishegaran, Iranian(1952), Nagsh Bafha, Size: 50x50

SKU: 2024/038
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