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About this artwork:


34 x 29 cm ( 13.38 x 11.41 in)

Drawing on paper

Signed by the artist (left corner)

Creation Date: Unknown

Condition: Excellent (like new). No Frame.

Provenance: From a Private Collection

Certificate Of Authenticity: Issued by the Artist and MECA Gallery.

Please do not hesitate to ask for more photos or information.


About Artist:

Hooshang Seyhoun, born in Tehran in 1920, emerged as a cornerstone figure in modern Iranian architecture, also excelling as a designer, painter, and sculptor. Raised in a family steeped in the arts—his grandfather, Mirza Abdullah Farahani, was a pioneer of traditional Iranian music—Seyhoun graduated from Tehran University in architecture before moving to Paris to study under Andre Godard at the National Institute of Fine Arts. He earned his doctorate by age 25 and upon returning to Iran, he crafted significant monuments, including the tombs of prominent figures like Khayyam and Ferdowsi.

Beyond his architectural endeavors, Seyhoun was deeply involved in academia, leading the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Tehran and initiating departments in music, theater, and urban planning. His artistic output was prolific, spanning numerous exhibitions both in Iran and internationally, including his renowned felt fish drawings in 1977. His artistic style, particularly in drawing, was marked by a focus on architectural elements and the interplay between nature and built environments. Notably, his semi-abstract "coils" drawings earned international acclaim, being exhibited in the United States alongside works by Picasso and Dali. Seyhoun spent his later years in Vancouver, Canada, where he lived until his passing in 2013.



  • Tehran (Iran), Sales: Aglance at sketching, 8 March - 2 April 2024 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Tehran Museum of contemporary Art: Footprint, 1 May- 25 June 2023 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Sales: painting group exhibition, 24 April- 19 May, (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Baroque: Cama chain, 1 November 2019 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Saye: composeds on Scaffolding, 25 May – 20 June 2018 (group exhibition)
  • Tehran (Iran), Shirin: architects’ signature, 27 October- 15 November 2017 (group exhibition)

Houshang Seyhoun, Iranian(1920-2014), Drawing, Size:34 x 29cm (13.38x11.41 in)

SKU: 2014/018
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